We help Entrepreneurs to take better Business decisions.


Understanding your Accounts should be easy but should be deep enough like a


S: Simple      

E: Effortless 

A: Affordaby


Accountify solves accounting & compliance need for entrepreneurs. Not limiting ourselves just to it, we are here to help entrepreneurs understand their ambition and and act as a helping hand to achieve it.


What we do

We take care of Finance & Accounts department for MSME business owners. And we do it in a way that’s never been done before by providing real time support through dedicated experts including in house chartered accountants. To us, it’s more than number crunching. It's giving entrepreneurs more time to focus on what they care about.


Who we help

From Freelancers to Enterprises. Accountify supports thousands of Small to Mid-Sized Entity owners across the nation.


Why we’re here

Our Vision is to help Business owners to take control of their Financials.


Financial mastery is the idea that everyone, regardless of economic standing, should have full control of their finances. It’s more than knowing how to read an account statement—it’s giving people the tools they need to stay on top of their finances, and improve their lives.

People and the quality of their lives. That, at its core, is what Bench is about.


Our values

We rely on five values to inform how we communicate, share information, and work towards our mission. Together, these values inform the most valuable technology we possess: culture.


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